Bedford Regency Hotel

I stayed here Sept 2016 for business. As I pull up to the front the (10 Minute Hotel zone ) is being occupied by 2 taxis, and one behind them on the street in cue. I politely asked them to move and they got very rude with me , but finally one got called away and I was able to fit in to unload my things. During my stay on several occasions I pulled up to the front of the hotel to quickly run up to my room to get something ,only to find the (10 minute Hotel Zone) Occupied by Taxis. It was so frustrating. I don’t think I should have to fight with cab driver every time I need to return to my hotel. Especially when They are there to pick-up bar patrons from the Irish Times.(In a totally different building).
I returned again in October, because I thought it was a nice place I would give it a second chance. To my dismay I ran into the same situation. Rude Taxi Drivers who would not move.
Here I am tonight in Victoria across the water this time. I drove by your Hotel ; just to see; I was floored to see more Taxis outside.
Its too bad because it is such a nice little place, and I was shopping for a new hotel in Victoria for our companies monthly Visits.
I do have to say The Staff at your hotel are very Nice , and professional.

1140 Government Street, Victoria, BC

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Situated in the heart of downtown Victoria s business and shopping district and just steps away from the inner harbour the Bedford Regency Hotel embodies old world charm and beautifully appointed rooms feature goose down comforters and oversized bath towels while some enjoy Jacuzzi bathtubs

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